Since 1972, Shelter Group has been providing high quality construction services across a wide range of sectors and geographies. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we have successfully completed numerous projects in various countries, including residential and commercial buildings, infrastructure, healthcare facilities, institutional, and industrial complexes.

and project management. We are committed to using the latest technology and sustainable practices to ensure that our projects are efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of the construction process, from project development & planning and design to construction

At Shelter Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and objectives, and then tailor our services to meet their specific requirements. Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations and deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality


With over 30 billion USD estimated delivered projects and a team of 5000+ skilled members, Shelter Group carved a distinctive name in the world of construction development. For over five decades of excellence in seven countries, we undertook changing the course and reestablishing what refined living means by executing large scale projects and operations ranging from real estate and development, construction, design and engineering, to contracting and procurement, facility management and many more.

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Shelter group leads its vast experience with a
forward thinking and commitment to a better
quality, safety and efficiency in all endeavors.

We provide a BOT, a Build Operate Transfer, and BOFT, Build Operate Finance and Transfer framework and procurement strategy. Beside our strive to push the limits of accomplishments further, we also procure and support your project with impressive in-house facilities that contain all the manufacturing and production of materials needed in the construction and design process.

We are responsible for all PMV, Plant Machineries Vehicles, and construction assets. Shelter is your one stop house, remarkably famous for its role in construction and development but involves several other substantial sectors such as design, facility and property management, real-estate development and much more.


Through visionary designs and inspiring executions, Shelter seeks to develop unique real estate properties that offer a distinct living experience. Ones that leave an impact and a sustainable footprint for generations to come.

We aim to redefine the standards of real estate and EPC, Engineering Procurement and Construction with an integrated approach that creates inimitable spaces and inspire our communities. To transform buildings and people.


  • Project teams’ integrity and dedication
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Total Quality Management.
  • Exceptional quality control and assurance
  • Environmental and communal responsibility
  • Adherence to health and safety standards
  • Commitment to clients and stakeholders
  • Adoption of the lean construction concept


Our journey started back in 1972 in Abu Dhabi , where a passion for breaking barriers was ignited by the Tannouri family. The ardor of leaving a distinctive mark in the infrastructure and construction realm was so powerful that it traveled across the world from UAE, to France, to Qatar, to Italy, to KSA, to Lebanon and to Rwanda.

In 2000, our HQ in Qatar was founded and set the trail ablaze for groundbreaking projects ever since, with a workforce of over 5000+ expert and thousands of satisfied customers.


1970 ' s


Since SHELTERs foundation, the opportunities encountered
were big. SHELTER took the challenge and delved into the
accelerating construction and development growth of the
Middle East and Gulf Region. Initially in 1972, the privately
owned company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates;
categorizing its services under both Creative Design and
Build and General infrastructure Contracting.

The main initial line of business at the time was residential
interior decorations for small private houses as well as
electrical power and infrastructure projects of small scales
in the United Arab Emirates. Dedication, customers
satisfaction, timely responsiveness and quality of delivery
were key for the initial growth in the 1970s.


1980' s


With the business flourishing, and projects successfully being delivered
exceeding clients expectations, SHELTER Contracting expanded to have
offices in LEBANON and FRANCE. Commitment, passion, and excellence
distinguishes SHELTER from its peers and the competition.

By the mid 80s the company has started to
undertake major turnkey contracts ranging
from major power plants, desalination plants,
airports and more.


1990' s


SHELTERs unique setup allowed it to add huge value
throughout the infrastructurecycle of its projects in the
1990s. While strengthening its technical expertise in its areas
of work, SHELTER developed a holistic view of society and
infrastructure. Our strong capabilities granted us the right
balance of ingredients to develop further to new markets.

In few years, SHELTERs work touches a wide variety of
sectors ranging from major infrastructure Contracts (major
highways, water plants, power plants and airports) to
distinctive residential mansions, luxury residences, commercial
buildings, institutional structures and social infrastructure. In
was in the 1990s that SHELTER had grown and built its
network of reliable VIP Customers offering turnkey high-end
design-build residential projects. Mainly for Royal Family
members, Presidents, ministers, state representatives and
other high-ranking personnel.


2000' s


SHELTERs approach is utterly dynamit and with changing market conditions,
the company reacts and quickly adapts. In 2002, to meet a growing market
demand, SHELTER Contracting moved its Headquarter to Qatar. With
increased size, we have further developed our expertise in facilities
management, finishing services and manufacturing and trading services.

These, together with our General Contracting and Design &
Build services, constitute Shelter Group and ensure we can
provide fully integrated support services for buildings and
infrastructure. SHELTER Groups product mix complements
the ever-changing economy.


2010' s


By the year 2010s, SHELTER re-established offices in Italy for
Research & Development, technical design and engineering
support, and specialized building services. SHELTER Group
also implemented an integrated IT ERP Infrastructure
throughout its offices globally and its companies we plan,
serve, control and grow further. This decade marked further
achievements to the group of companies of SHELTER.

With dedication, clear vision and a supporting environment,
SHELTER could achieve a capacity of delivering major turnkey
contracts every month; and has been ranked by Construction
Intelligence Ventures On-Site as the number 1 Grade-A Main
contractor in terms of volume of delivery and project count.


2020' s


From our humble beginnings, we have grown to
become one of the few companies in the region with
the skills to design, manufacture, procure, execute,
deliver and further maintain the most extreme projects.
5,000+ passionate and talented individuals constitute
SHELTER family.

We have invested further in new loT technologies to
ensure our operations throughout our sectors are well
implemented, controlled and automated. We have
ensured that all our offerings and technologies are
offering the society better progress towards smarter more
sustainable cities and communities.